Just a note: Each podcast has its preferred home (iTunes, Stitcher, etc.) and I try to use the most accessible link for each one. If any given link won't work with your device, there's a good chance the episode will be available on something that will, and hopefully, the titles/descriptions here will make them easy to find elsewhere.

The Screamcast episodes! - My first episode was "Bugs and Black Gloves" as a guest, and I became a co-host starting on episode "Let's Get Naschy." 

Splathouse episodes - I always played a character on these, so good luck finding me!

The Best Little Horror House in Philly - I do my best to defend DR. GIGGLES as the best horror movie of all time! Do I succeed? Probably not, but at least I have a great time trying! Lots of Tales from the Crypt talk here too, btw. 

Podcasters Of Horror: Exploring Horror Anthology Films Tales From The Crypt & The Mortuary Collection - Talking anthology horror with two lovely Australians? Someone was reading my dream journal!

VH US: Presents Boo Releases & Late Returns - I had a lot of fun talking about 1989's zombie comedy NIGHT LIFE and what I'd been watching recently. 

Pure Cinema: Horror-thon! - I joined the fun for a Halloween special where everyone put together their own four-film horror festival. 

Cult Movies Podcast: The Girl Can't Help It- I again join Anthony on his wonderful show, this time talking a Jayne Mansfield fave for his season finale.

Junkfood Cinema Comfort Food: Elvira: Mistress of the Dark - For a Patreon-exclusive mini-episode, I join Brian Salisbury to talk about one of my all-time faves.

Just the Discs: Hell Night & Rappin' - I join my pal Brian Saur to talk about a Linda Blair and an '80s rapping movie, as you do. Brian has me on speed dial when he wants to go more highbrow, and it's always a joy to appear on his show.

Just the Discs: Rockula Leatherface - Brian knew I was a huge Rockula fan (as anyone should be) and that you can't shut me up when it comes to talking about behind-the-scenes trivia on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3. I finally got to put all the random facts I knew into one place, which I appreciate.

Just the Discs: Full Moon High/The Ambulance/Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon - Two (very different) Larry Cohen movies and a favorite of mine are discussed here. Surprisingly not sponsored by Scream Factory!

Just the Discs: Female Trouble & Xtro - We tackle a new Criterion gem from my favorite filmmaker, John Waters, and the wonderfully insane Xtro, whose Second Sight release is a real corker! (British speak, see.)

Just the Discs: Return of the Living Dead II, Brainscan & The Unborn - Whole lotta Scream Factory and James Karen.

Just the Discs: Gun Crazy and Wild at Heart - We tackle the 1950 film noir classic and David Lynch! Also a great complicated-relationships-on-the-road double feature.

Just the Discs: Sam Fuller at Columbia 1937-1961 - I return to talk to Brian about one of my favorite filmmakers thanks to a wonderful Blu-ray set from Indicator. 

Just the Discs: Someone's Watching Me and House on Haunted Hill - A new-to-me John Carpenter film and one of my favorite horror remakes from my younger years! 

Just the Discs: Bad Ronald and Trilogy of Terror - 1970's genre TV movies on Blu-rays?? What a time to be alive! 

Just the Discs: Best Blu-rays of 2018! - I hate ranking things. I'm terrible at ranking things. Still, you get a stand-up kid like Brian Saur asking? I'll rank things. 

Just the Discs: Dragnet and Can't Hardly Wait - Talkin' comedies. It's like a vacation!

Just the Discs: Crimson Peak and Mikey & Nicky - From Del Toro to Elaine May masterpieces on amazing releases, it's very hard for me to buy into the whole "physical media is dead" thing. 

Just the Discs: Cleopatra Jones and Super Fly - This time we tackle Blaxploitation from Warner Archive!

Just the Discs: David Lynch on Criterion - The first Brian Saur-free episode, oh no! Bill Ackerman and I tackle what the Criterion Collection has released of Lynch's oeuvre so far.

Just the Discs: Klute - The 1970s: a decade crowded with gems and actual masterpiece, yet KLUTE stands tall among the competition, and of course, Criterion did it justice.

Just the Discs: Favorite Blu-rays of 2019 - For the second year in a row, Brian and I whittle down a 5-each list of the best of the best⁠—with a few quickie runner-up titles besides.

Just the Discs: The To-Watch Pile: Vol. 2 - Brian and I go through some of our to-watch piles to discuss releases we were excited to finally check out.

Just the Discs: The To-Watch Pile Vol. 3 - This is just enabling me to constantly build up a pile of Blu-rays, isn't it?

Just the Discs: Criterion Sale Suggestions - I assure you that no one is burying the lede in this episode title. 

Just the Discs: The To Watch Pile Vol. 5 - I gotta tell you, releasing the unwatched guilt out to the public really helps get the pile moving!

Just the Discs: Underrated Scream Factory - Picking the underdogs from the label that got me into Blu-ray collecting.

Just the Discs: Underrated Kino - Picking some of our favorites from the Kino Lorber label that we think may get overlooked.

Just the Discs: Favorite Blu-rays of 2020 - Year three of our round-up of faves! As horrific as 2020 was, the physical media realm delivered.

Just the Discs: What We've Been Watching - A chill episode about actually watching our respective Blu-ray collections.


Monsters Never Die: The Jaws Rip-Off Special 

TV Guidance Counselor Episode 418: Stephanie Crawford - A super fun junk drawer talk centered around the October 24-30, 1998 issue of TV Guide.

Watch With Jen - Jen Johans is an enthusiastic and knowledgable mainstay of online film love and critique, and I was so honored to appear on her (still fairly new!) podcast to chat about movies, physical media, and more. 

Horrorversary: Bride of Re-Animator - Adrian Torres (who I've been lucky to hang out with at film festivals, and he's a hilarious gem) and I discuss Yuzna's delirious follow-up to the cult classic. 

Horror Queers: Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation - I join international treasures Trace Thurman and Joe Lipsett to talk about a much-maligned 'Saw sequel that I personally love. I've now done podcasts on part 3 and 4... will I ever get a chance to do my fave, part 2? Probably not! Bring on the unloveds!

People I Think Are Cool: Stephanie Crawford - I know: I'm definitely not cool! Still, the amazing Liz (of Cuddles and Rage fame) was kind enough to basically interview me on a lot of my interests. Her podcast is a lot of fun and has a laid back style, so definitely check out her archives of people who are cool.

It Pod to Be You: Return to Me - Hey, I get to talk romance for a change! Manish Mathur hosts a delightful romantic comedy podcast, and I was lucky enough to talk about Bonnie Hunt's 2000 solo directorial venture, which I've long had a big spot in my heart for. Finally, my incessant giggling kind of fits the theme!


Good Times Great Movies: Cherry 2000 - Steve De Jarnatt's desert opus gets three goofs delighting over its charms with only a slight bit of bewilderment.

Good Times Great Movies: Motel Hell - Just Doug and I this episode, discussing meats, age gaps in relationships, and the psychology of cheerful cannibals.

Good Times, Great Movies: Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 - Jamie's back, baby! And thank goodness, because this is one of the strangest and best horror sequels on the block, and we really needed all three of us to parse it.


F This Movie! Don't Go Into the House & Video Nasties - My first podcast ever! I talk with Patrick Bromley about a notorious '70s horror movie that was on the UK's notorious "Video Nasties" list, which we also discuss.

F This Movie! Return of the Living Dead(s) - Patrick and I discuss the first three Return of the Living Dead movies, which are the only ones ever made.

F This Movie! Seven Days A Week - I tend to connect movies with seasons and sometimes even days quite often. I told this to Patrick, and he thought it would be a lark to program a week of movies we thought would suit the day. Does that make me sound like a hippie? I'm not a hippie.

F This Movie! Empire Pictures Party - We cover our five (current) favorites from Charlie Band's legendary studio.

F This Movie! Screwballs/Screwballs 2 - For some reason, we forced ourselves to watch and then discuss Screwballs and Loose Screws. There is much digressing.

F This Movie! LIVE Tobe Hooper Tribute (Eaten Alive) - This was a nerve-wracking honor. It's the first time I did a live podcast, and I immediately followed Mick Garris and Caroline Williams being interviewed⁠—a true test of my second banana skills. Rest in peace, Tobe. This entire episode was also nominated for a Rondo Award!


Cinema Shame: A Clockwork Orange - I love the concept of this show: Have someone finally watch a movie they "should" have seen long ago and then talk it out. This was a change of pace for me, but it was a lot of fun. What sounds like a potentially obnoxious topic is handled in an encouraging way thanks to host James David Patrick.

Cinema Shame: 2001: A Space Odyssey - I return to talk about the most intimidating Kubrick blindspot I had. This recording went completely off the rails, but James came through as a hero in editing.


Kill by Kill Podcast: Jason X - I'm not in Jason X's camp, sorry! However, I love this podcast (which goes through the F13 movies "kill by kill" or, in our case, "small handful of crappy death scenes by kill") and the hosts, so it's all good in the end.

Kill by Kill Podcast: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors - I return to talk about a movie I love! We cover the beginning of the movie and the first kill, which has haunted me for years and continues to make me viscerally cringe. Bless it.

Kill by Kill: Bride of Chucky Vol. 1 - My third time on this wonderful podcast is to talk about the fourth (and best) Child's Play/Chucky movie. I try out a Jennifer Tilly accent and apparently make a hilarious mispronunciation! 


Eric Roberts is the Fucking Man: Love Is A Gun & Bonus Fraiser - This was a total blast. One of the quickest-thinking and joke-filled recordings ever--anything these chaps put out, you'll never regret listening to. 

Eric Roberts is the Fucking Man: The Shadow Men - Eric Roberts. Sherilyn Fenn. Dean Stockwell. Aliens. I return to talk about maybe the clunkiest bunch of UFO and alien abduction tropes ever put to screen. RIP to this wonderful podcast, but I can't wait to see what the fellas (the GENTS) do next.


Planet Vulcan: Episode 14 - Rockie Juarez and Jacob Knight both worked at Vulcan Video, and that inspired a great podcast. I stop in to recommend a Larry Cohen-written movie while they talk AVENGERS:ENDGAME, so there's a nice gulf between movie budgets going on.

Cult Movies Podcast: Pretty Poison - I had a great time talking about PRETTY POISON with Anthony, plus we both recommend a handful of movies to watch inspired by the 1968 thriller.


26 Movies from Hell: "M" Show and Multiple Maniacs - This show is bananas. We talk about some fascinating films that begin with the letter "M," most importantly John Waters' Multiple Maniacs. There's weird puppet sex too, so all the important demographics are covered.

26 Movies from Hell: "F" Show - I rejoin the goofy but lovely Bradley J. Kornish and Dan Pullen to talk The Funhouse, Fade to Black, Flesh Feast, and The First Power. If you're familiar with the show, you'll know it's 90% funny digressions. If you're not familiar... fair warning!

Movies from Hell: Stuart Gordon - I was honored to be asked to appear on their in memoriam episode for the late Stuart Gordon, recorded a few days after his death. While I'm a huge fan, we all dove even deep into his filmography for this, and it's was a lot of fun to celebrate his work and get the full scope of his versatility. Guest-starring the freakishly talented and very kind Patrick Horvath.

Movies From Hell: Ozgust Part 3: Dead End Drive-In - You know this show is all about digression, but technically we're talking about Ozploitation gems DEAD END DRIVE-IN and NEXT OF KIN.

Movies From Hell: Ken Russell's 1980s - This was an honor and a treat: Lisi Tribble Russell has been joining the fellas to talk about her husband's films, and I got to talk CRIMES OF PASSION and GOTHIC. Her stories are amazing and she was so warm and funny; this was one of my favorite podcast appearances.


Corpse Club: Ladies' Night - I get to join Heather Wixson, Emily von Seele, and Tamika Jones to talk about our favorite women in horror. A joy and an honor, this one.

Corpse Club: Kathryn Bigelow's NEAR DARK with Heather Wixson, Emily von Seele, and Stephanie Crawford

Dead Ringers: Pet Sematary and Wake Wood - We talk Mary Lambert's classic and a new school Hammer film, which both tackle dead kids and pets, and somehow it's pretty fun!


Talk Film Society, Assemble!: Avengers: Infinity War - Whoa, I talked about a then-current movie! The wonderful Sam and Sara from Talk Film Society and Emily von Seele hash out this cheapie indie family drama.

The SOVPOD: Black River Monster - I talk to Mike "Splathouse" Delaney about the shot-on-video Bigfoot epic Black River Monster. Surprise: It was only me acting like Brad Henderson; it wasn't actually him! (Fun fact: Mike said we should actually eat Taco Bell while we record. I made sure to crunch annoyingly into the mic until I realized that Mike totally ditched that plan. Trust no men!)

Keanu Believe It: I Love You to Death & Tune in Tomorrow - Sam Van Haren (@SamShotFirst) from Talk Film Society started a podcast about one of my all-time favorite actors (since I was six years old, for all you Johnny Come Latelys) and we talk about two of his lesser-known roles from 1990.

What Did We Just Watch?!?: Dream A Little Dream - Lori (@ghoulieschool) and Andrew (@gizmetco) are the foremost Corey experts in the world? I'm fairly sure? (citation needed). Here, we talk about their best film that has both Harry Dean Stanton and musical numbers.

Sleazoids - I do love Canadians. They have their guests put together a double feature, and I went with Ken Russell's CRIMES OF PASSION and Ulli Lommel's OLIVIA (though I like the title PROZZI better.) I'm very humbly and modestly proud of this pairing, and it was such a fun discussion.

XOXO Horror - Women in horror talking about women in horror films, what's not to love? Here I wax on AND off on Marcia Gay Harden's performance in THE MIST.


Commentary on ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK - Ok, not a podcast, but my first commentary! I record with F This Movie's Patrick Bromley about one of my favorites. You must be a member of Daily Dead's Corpse Club to access this, however.


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