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June-Claude Van Damme: DOUBLE TEAM - Listen, it's easy to defend something like Citizen Kane: You really need something in your secret sauce to go to bat for Double Team with full sincerity. Neon Splatter

The Pumpkin King: THE MANGLER - A sincere tribute to no one's favorite Stephen King adaptation/Tobe Hooper film. Neon Splatter

Dream Operator: A Tribute to Julee Cruise - "I remember your smile / And the way you sent it to me so many times through different air / It lives inside my heart" The Pink Smoke

Warped & Faded but Not Forgotten - My review of the new book all about the history of the Alamo Drafthouse's Weird Wednesdays, the birth of AGFA, and lots of cult movie love in-between. The Screamcast

How to Fall in Love with Godzilla Before You Meet Godzilla - Neon Splatter

Interview: Writer Duane Swierczynski on writing Godzilla comics - Neon Splatter

Etheria's Second Season Brings Chills in Every Flavor -review (recently released from being Patreon-only) Daily Grindhouse 

[PANIC FEST] Reviews, Vol. 1: Benny Loves You, Red Snow, An Ideal Host - capsule reviews Screamcast

[SXSW] “Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched:” A New Standard in Horror Documentaries - film review Screamcast

[SXSW] Cleave Unto Jakob's Wife - film review Screamcast

[SXSW] Broadcast Signal Intrusion: Come for the References - film review Screamcast

THE HARVEY GIRLS from Warner Archive Blu-ray review Why So Blu?


[FANTASIA FEST 2020] ‘LUCKY’: TROUBLE EVERY DAY - review Daily Grindhouse

‘Land,’ ‘Diary’ and ‘Survival of the Dead’: George A. Romero’s Dead Reckoning - essay Bloody Disgusting

‘Tubi Or Not To Be’ Day 8: Stephanie Crawford On ‘This Is Not A Movie’  - review Boom Howdy

I Will Make You Mine Does Just That - review Daily Grindhouse

Horror Movies Were Right: Large Gatherings Can Be Deadly- essay Fangoria

Horror is Sick - essay Volume 2, #7: April 2020 Fangoria magazine, print issue (There's also a companion video with writer BJ Colangelo, editor Phil Nobile Jr. and myself discussing our pieces in the issue, which you can check out here.

Fangoria Editor-in-Chief Phil Nobile with the legendary Peaches Christ, posing with my first article in Fangoria. Thanks for everything, Divine!

The Rise and Fall and Rise of the Midnight Movie - essay Volume 2, #6: January 2020 Fangoria magazine, print issue

Interview with Richard Stanley - Color Out of Space-centric interview. Daily Grindhouse

Color Out of Space: Review - review Daily Grindhouse

You Got It Raw: Cry-Baby at 30 - retrospective Daily Grindhouse 

Multiple Manics - Half A Century with a Celluloid Atrocity - retrospective Daily Grindhouse 

The Rotting Flesh Has Never Looked Better in Fulci’s ‘The Beyond’ from Shameless Films Blu-ray review Bloody Disgusting 

[SXSW 2020] TOMBOY Doc Boldly Marches To The Beats Of Its Own Percussionists- review Daily Grindhouse 

INVISIBLE AGENT Dissolves in the Air but Not in Our Hearts - review/retrospective Daily Grindhouse 

‘SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN’…AGAIN: 50 YEARS OF CONFUSION - retrospective/review Daily Grindhouse 

Stream Warriors - streaming recommendations. Daily Grindhouse 

Stephanie Crawford Recommends the Best Horror Blu-ray Releases of 2019 - (Just for the record, Spookies came out after my deadline for this was due, so please put down the pitchforks?) Bloody Disgusting 

30 Days Has Noirvember: Stephanie Crawford - Five noir films I think are underseen. Hardboiled Wonderland 

As Long As You’re Known For Something: Outlaw Fame & Friendly Infamy With John Waters - essay Film & Fishnets

Film Discoveries of 2019 - I watched over 900 films in 2019, and Sunset Grill still made this list. Rupert Pupkin Speaks

My Felonious Valentine: Stephanie Crawford on True Romance - essay Hardboiled Wonderland 

Exhuming TALES FROM THE CRYPT - I covered every episode of HBO's Tales from the Crypt, going into detail about the talent behind the scenes and looking at their connection (or lack thereof) to the horror genre for over a year and a half. (For a less flashy and quicker loading listing of the entries (including which episodes are detailed where), click here.) Dread Central 

Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror - review Daily Grindhouse

[Fantastic Fest 2019] Jojo Rabbit, or, The Kids Are Doing What They Can - review The Screamcast

[Fantastic Fest 2019] SCREAM, QUEEN! MY NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET: Face Then Embrace Your Monsters - review The Screamcast

[Fantastic Fest 2019] SYNCHRONIC: Everything Costs - review The Screamcast

[Fantastic Fest 2019] Quick Bites: The First Round - Bite-sized reviews of more films from Fantastic Fest. The Screamcast

[Fantastic Fest 2019] Quick Bites 2: The Quickening - Even more bite-sized reviews of more films from Fantastic Fest. The Screamcast

Cine-Ween: A Buyer’s Guide to Your Perfect Halloween Pet Cinepunx

Horror Experts On Their Favorite Genre Performances That No One Talks About and The Horror Movie That Impacted Me The Most: Over 40 Horror Voices Tell Their Story - Compilations I'm included in. Dread Central 

Rocktober 2019: Slaughterhouse Rock's Bloody Cell Block Tango - review/retrospective Daily Grindhouse 

Late Fees: The Abominable Dr. Phibes - A new column with Rockie Juarez, friend and then-Vulcan Video (RIP) store employee, some of my favorite movies, and then we discuss. Talk Film Society 

Late Fees: Modern Girls 

Late Fees: Psychomania 

Late Fees: Pit Stop 

Late Fees: The Bad and the Beautiful

Late Fees: Mausoleum - Please, don't reveal the heart-eating boob demon of MAUSOLEUM.

 A Movie I'm Thankful For: Gods and Monsters - essay/retrospective F This Movie

Underrated '98- list Rupert Pupkin Speaks

DREAM A LITTLE DREAM: The Teen Comedy That Isn't essay/retrospective F This Movie

Advent Calendar: Christmas Evil - review/retrospective Daily Grindhouse 

Underrated '88 - Fair warning: These are mostly childhood favorites. Rupert Pupkin Speaks

Summer of Mild Fear: Heated Horror Comedies - A little overview of some of my favorite horror comedies. F This Movie

Advent Calendar: And All Through the House - review/retrospective Daily Grindhouse 

Favorite Film Discoveries of 2018  Rupert Pupkin Speaks

Great Horror Performances: Dee Wallace in THE FRIGHTENERS - essay F This Movie

Underrated '78 - Everything I chose has a one-word title. That wasn't on purpose. Or was it. Rupert Pupkin Speaks

You Shall Not Rot: MISS LESLIE’S DOLLS and WHO KILLED TEDDY BEAR? on Blu-ray! review The Screamcast

From EFX to Action: Special Effects Artists in the Director’s Chair - essay The Screamcast

A Movie I'm Thankful For: Bunny Lake Is Missing  retrospective F This Movie

Underrated '77 Rupert Pupkin Speaks

Catching Up With My Crushes: John Cusack essay F This Movie

Exploiting the Vault: Night Train to the Alien Zone - reviews The Screamcast

Stephanie's Top 10 Favorite Blu-rays for 2017 F This Movie

THELMA: Under and Beyond the Skin - review The Screamcast

PUFF Piece: Charismata - review with Mike Delaney for the 2nd Annual Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival. The Screamcast

PUFF Piece: Imitation Girl - review with Mike Delaney for the 2nd Annual Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival. The Screamcast

Objectively Subjective: Documentaries That Are Easy to Love F This Movie

Patrick and Stephanie's Movie Swap F This Movie

POPATOPOLIS Or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love B-Movie Bombs - It's probably best that my older internet writing has been wiped out.


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