Monday, May 23, 2022

Welcome to the House!


Thank you for visiting! My name is Stephanie Crawford, and I caught the writing bug pretty much the moment I learned what constructing a sentence meant. I work full-time as a copy editor, and I still love words, so that ought to tell you something.

Since I'm passionate about film, I'm also passionate about writing about it, and that's the bulk of what you'll find here. However, I'm also a big reader and kind of a nosy jerk in general, so I let wide interests lead me where they may. That goes for my podcast appearances as well, which I stumbled into completely accidentally. People invite me and I get to jaw about things I love: It's not bad!

While I prize research and have journalism training, I don't have a film degree nor do I pretend to be an academic in any capacity. If you like informed enthusiasm, however, I'm your gal.

Please look around, read and listen to some fun stuff, and, you know, just have a great day.


Twitter: @scrawfish