Sunday, September 12, 2021

Upcoming Stuff

 Just a general update. I'm in one of those bummer periods where I have a lot of stuff in the fire? Near the fire? But not actually out yet.

- I'll be guesting on podcasts throughout September, and for October, I currently have several lined up. Good news if you like my rambling; if you don't, I'm still pretty easy to avoid!

- I'm starting work on my own podcast with a trusted friend/co-writer that I think will be a lot of fun. This is also helping to push me back into producing the Kim Novak/celebrity ghost podcast, which I never dropped, but I've struggled with how to bring it to fruition because I'm so daunted with editing and time management.

- I'll be covering Fantastic Fest remotely in late September. 

- My full-time work life is currently in a very chaotic, workload-heavy, stressful place. That's sapped most of my energy, so I'm trying to be tentative with promises, but I'm finally feeling more ambitious about pushing through with my own projects. I'll take even little silver linings while trying not to over-commit. 

- I wish you, your family, and/or your loved ones the best. Times are still tough, weird, mean and unprecedented. Be kind to others but also to yourself.



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