Monday, April 26, 2021

Some Updates!

Of course, I get a new online home and immediately neglect it. In my defense, I'm hopelessly lazy and terrible. I am planning some low-key features that'll live only here that should be short and (hopefully) sweet to read, but I'm swamped with about 5,000 new responsibilities at work over four new platforms, so between that, podcasting, and writing deadlines, I can't set any kind of timetable. No one is reading this anyway, so I'll give myself a pass!

I "attended" Panic Fest online this year for Screamcast, and they did a wonderful job. I need to write some more reviews, but for now, please check out this first batch of capsule reviews. They include Benny Loves You (killer toys!), Red Snow (vampires!), and An Ideal Host (space parasites!)

Speaking o' Screamcast, we recently talked to The Travis Stevens and THE Barbara Crampton about Jakob's Wife! You can check out that recording (both audio and video) here, and you can also read my review here if you're inclined. 

In non-Screamcast "news," I made my second appearance on Fangoria's website (now tied with my magazine features for them! Will I ever absorb this? I doubt it!) talking about horror comedies. The article title is a tribute to a great documentary on the Salton Sea narrated by John Waters, and you can check that out here if you feel like treating yourself. See, this is why writers should have a blog: We can throw random trivia like that somewhere. 



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