Thursday, April 1, 2021

New Podcasts!

The Screamcast continues its (hopefully) triumphant return with a visit from the awesome Joe Lynch to talk about the workprint version of CREEPSHOW! If you're familiar with Lynch's podcast or commentaries, you probably won't be surprised that it wheeled off into a lot of varied movie talk. It was a lot of fun, and besides the classic podcast format, we also have a video version on YouTube! 

Click here for all the links to the Screamcast episode

I also stopped by Just the Discs to talk about Blu-ray discs with Brian Saur! Again! It's always a treat to catch up with Brian and just talk film and physical media, and I'm really digging the laid back "what have you watched lately" style of shows we've been doing. I try to cover a range of labels when we do these, including small ones, and I'm always keeping an eye out.

Just the Discs Episode 204: What We've Been Watching on Blu-ray



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